Physical Therapy

Work Med Rehab

Center for Injury Care and Rehabilitation

Work Med Rehab is a dedicated rehabilitation and treatment center for work-related injuries.  This program utilizes the combined experience of David Ostrow, P.T.  owned his own physical therapy center for 31 years, and TJ Antich, PT, who owned his own physical therapy practice for 31 years.  Together these providers have over 87 years combined experience working with musculoskeletal injuries.

Program Philosophy:  Early active intervention following an injury and early transition back to normal daily activities affords the injured worker the best chance of full recovery from an injury.  The Work Med Rehab program provides patients, companies and insurers with:

  1. Immediate access to rehabilitation services for the worker with an acute injury.
  2. Improved injury management through the ongoing coordination of care between the medical provider and the physical therapist.
  3. Timely communications and reports to companies and insurers regarding compliance to the program, and changes to the work status based on the combined assessment of the therapist and the treating provider.
  4. The best chance for an early return to work with full recovery from an injury


  1. Physical modalities (electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, heat and ice)
  2. Manual (hands on) treatment including spinal and joint mobilization and manipulation
  3. Active rehabilitation and work conditioning, with an emphasis on active functional restoration.
  4. Certified Examiners for Advanced Ergonomics
  5. Industrial and Functional Ability Testing to evaluate individual’s ability to perform essential functions of job.  These tests are conducted as a Post-offer screens or Fit for Duty evaluations.