Screenings and Tests

Medical Surveillance Programs

MedCenter 100 offers a wide range of surveillance services designed to identify potential problems that occur in the workplace and require targeted prevention. Surveillance may be based on a single case or sentinel events, but more typically involves screening groups of employees to detect abnormal trends in one’s health status.

These programs include but are not limited to Noise and Hearing Conservation, Respirator Medical Clearance, Blood-borne Pathogens Prevention, Hazmat Physicals and chemical exposures (e.g. benzene, lead, heavy metals, etc.)

Laboratory Testing

MedCenter offers CLIA approved comprehensive clinical laboratory testing at a reduced rate for corporate and private patients. Individual studies include complete blood counts, chemistry screens, coronary risk profiles, and heavy metals testing. Med Center also offers combined panels which include combinations of various tests at reduced rates. These profiles provide individuals and companies with a composite summary of current health status for the participants.

Immunizations/Testing for the following diseases:

* Tuberculosis skin tests (PPD)
* Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B
* Tetanus
* Influenza
* Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR)
* Pneumonia
* Rabies (pre-exposure)
* Chickenpox (Varicella)

Drug and Alcohol Screens

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