Drug and Alcohol Screens

Med Center 100 provides a variety of options to employers who are interested in maintaining a drug free workplace, or whose drivers are mandated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to participate in substance abuse testing. DOT tests and NonDOT lab based tests are confirmed using GC/MS technology at Quest Laboratory, a SAMHSA certified lab. Medical Review services are provided by Dr. Benjamin Gerson, at University Services. Med Center also offers “on-site” or rapid screens, which yield results the same day to the employer, hair tests, which screen for long-term use, and after-hours testing.

Urine Drug Screens

On-site tests are 5-panel urine screens that are collected under Chain of Custody (COC) procedures by certified technicians and tested “on-site” at Med Center 100. Negative results are available within 10 minutes of the test and reported verbally and by hard copy to the designated employer representative (DER). Non-negative tests are forwarded to Quest laboratory for GC/MS confirmation, and reported by Med Center 100 to the DER.

Non-DOT Progressive Drug Screens are offered in a variety of different “panels” which means that Med Center 100 can test for a variety of drugs in different combinations and at different cutoff levels, with adulterant testing optional. These specimens are collected under COC procedures, and are sent via courier to Quest Laboratories for initial screening and confirmation. Verbal and hard copy results are provided to the DER at the company.

Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Drug and Alcohol Tests are performed by DOT certified collectors, according to the Department of Transportation requirements. Medical review services are provided by University Services.

Hair Testing – Med Center 100 offers Hair testing services for 5-panel screens. Certified collectors use chain of custody procedures and analysis is performed at Quest Laboratories.

Collection Services – Med Center 100 provides drug and alcohol collection services to national organizations, called Third Party Administrators, who coordinate testing for companies.

Alcohol Tests

Evidential Breath Testing, or Breath Alcohol Testing is performed according to Department of Transportation standards for regulated and non-regulated employers. Med Center 100 uses the Intoxilyzer 200D, which is on the Department’s list of approved devices. The test is administered by a certified Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT). Results are reported verbally and via hard copy to the employer.

Serum and urine alcohol tests are also available.

Randomization and Consortium Services

Med Center 100 offers computerized random selection services to independent owner-operators and small companies, and larger companies who select to have their own pool. As required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), safety-sensitive employees are chosen randomly throughout the year for drug and/or alcohol screens. The program includes test and results notification to the designated employer representative and an annual report of the random drug and alcohol test results.

Med Center 100 also offers random selection services to non-regulated companies who have a drug-free workplace policy. Employers can select the tests and frequency of testing. The program includes the random selection and test and results notification to the designated employer representative.

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